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Divorce in Singapore

Divorce in Singapore

Divorce in Singapore showed a crude divorce rate of 7.6 for males and 7.2 for females, in the year 2011. Compared to its previous period, it had a crude divorce rate of 7.5 for males and for females it remained the same. Given that both genders are married aging 20 years old and above. Crude divorce rate is a method used in knowing divorces in an area, in example divorce in Singapore. It measures the number of divorces in Singapore per 1,000 population. Furthermore, it can also provide a general overview of marriage in the said area, but it does not take people who can not marry into account. This is the reason why divorce in Singapore ranks fifty-six in the world’s divorce demography.

Every country has different styles in filing a divorce proceeding. So, as to the divorce in Singapore. Generally, divorce in Singapore is a two-stage process. In its first stage process, the court shall deal with the divorce per se. This means that the decision on legal termination of marriage between couples is in the perspective of the court. Statuses of different aspects in life of both parties are being scrutinized in the delivery of its final decision. This is with respect to the law effective in Singapore only. In addition, knowing that Singapore is densely populated with more than six religions, religious matters will not affect to the decision of divorce in Singapore. Furthermore, the second stage of divorce in Singapore shall deal with the ancillary matters. In both stages, this is the critical part that should be considered before either or both parties will decide on filing a divorce.

The ancillary matters are cognitive content affiliated to the children of the couple, if they have any, maintenance, and property or properties that either or both of them may own. In this stage, considerations as to where the child or children will stay are given a lawful basis. For example, the rights of the child or children to choose as to where will they be staying with the consideration of their age or ages. The same with the maintenance that should be given to the wife. In example the maintenance that will be received by the wife will depend on the financial status of the husband. Divorce in Singapore may somehow unfair pertaining to this area, since, currently, Singapore does not have the law that supports with the husband receiving a maintenance from his wife. Also with the property or properties of either or both parties that will be guided lawfully. Accordingly, both parties can not get married until they have acquired Final Judgment. Getting married will only be given at the end of the second stage of the divorce proceeding. Moreover, plaintiff is addressed to the person who is filing for a divorce proceeding, while the person being filed is known as the defendant.

Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce in Singapore is sometimes stressful and complicated, hence it is a dilemma that greatly contributes to a life change. Related issues such as custody of children, maintenance and division of assets may almost always be brought. Divorce in Singapore has given regards to this. Thus, this can have emotional, lawful, and economical considerations. Prior to proceeding, both parties may see their family, friends and counselor to discover the impact following the law of the divorce in Singapore. So that, both of them are emotionally ready for the process. Plaintiff can see their lawyers after deciding to proceed. Divorce Singapore will provide advice and assistance pertaining to the divorce in Singapore whether he/she can acquire for a divorce. And, if so, our divorce lawyer will then prepare the legitimate documents that are needed in acquiring a divorce in Singapore on your interest.

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